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The term MILF or MILTF is an acronym which in English means "Mother I'd Like to Fuck" (literally "mother I'd like to fuck"). In French Acronym can be translated MBAB ( "good mother to kiss"). It is used to designate a sexually attractive mother.

The term appears to 1952 on américains3 forums. It is primarily used to designate a kind pornographique4 centered on women who, most often between 30 and 45 years. The MILF can even be grandmothers young, but never have white hair. In porn movies, the MILF is often embodied by actresses with strong chest, doing less than their age and often with sex scenes with young men or young women.

The term MILF was popularized in 1999 by the film American Pie (adapted "MBAB" in the dubbing in France and MQAF, Mother I'd like to fuck, Quebec). The phrase is uttered by the character played by John Cho. In this film, the MILF is Stifler's mom, played by Jennifer Coolidge5.

X Films and renowned actresses

MILF is primarily a term and a pornographic style. The popular term 1990 was taken in the 2000s by the professionals of X. This is ageplay of mixing people of different ages. The first films featuring the word MILF appear in the title in 2003 with MILF Money 1 and MILF Hunter 1. Playboy a special edition dedicated to the MILF, Hot Housewives. The studios producing many films of this style are: Reality Kings, Madonna studio & Brazzers.

Since 2006 he is among the XRCO Awards reward the MILF Of The Year. There may be mentioned US actress Lisa Ann. You can find a lot of MILFS online to experience Live Sex.